We offer two different types of films: a Legacy Film and a Short Film. Both films show the different stages of your wedding day, from preparation to the ceremony to the reception, and include snippets from vows, toasts, etc. The Legacy Film goes a step further and incorporates your own thoughts and reflections about the day. All of our films are shot on high-end 4k cameras so that your video will look good long into the future.

Legacy Film


  • 2 Filmmakers

  • Final edit will be 12-16 minutes long.

  • We create a 30 second teaser trailer for you to share on social media.

  • Delivered in a personalized Walnut keepsake box.

  • Includes USB drive for easy access and 3 HD Blu-ray copies.

  • A few weeks after the wedding, we film a low-pressure *Legacy Interview to capture both of your thoughts about the day and incorporate them into the final edit.


Short Film


  • 2 Filmmakers

  • Final edit will be 5-8 minutes long.

  • Delivered in a personalized Walnut keepsake box.

  • Includes USB drive for easy access.

*What is a Legacy Interview?

Your wedding day will usually be very full of activities, so we aim to be a quiet presence capturing your celebrations. However, we value your thoughts about your wedding day and we will incorporate your individual memories into the final film.

A few weeks after your wedding, we will film a follow-up interview with you and your spouse. This is a simple setup that usually takes just a couple of hours and requires very little preparation on your part. We strive to make everyone feel at ease. We will ask you specific questions about your day, so you don't need to think about what to say ahead of time. This keeps things feeling natural. It also helps us make a unique film that features not only selections from your wedding vows and speeches, and your own specific thoughts and emotions. This is why we encourage people to choose our Legacy Wedding Film option.

Eric & Sadie enjoying their Legacy Interview.