About Us

Tapestry Weddings was developed by filmmakers Joseph Boyle and Mark Farag.

Joseph and Mark met early one Sunday morning on an independent film set in 2013. They quickly discovered their connection as collaborators and a great friendship was born.


The Filmmakers

Joseph Boyle

What Mark would say about
Joseph Boyle

Joseph is what some may call a 'silent shredder'. I've seen him enter a loud room, listen carefully without presumption, and then shake people with insight & kindness using just a few words. Well traveled, he has experienced rich & uncommon moments which no doubt translates to his films.  Joe doesn't settle for mediocrity and it is this standard of excellence that makes him a great filmmaker, and friend.

Joseph has written and directed 20 personal films, both narrative and documentaries, in addition to countless other semi-commercial and nonprofit videos.


What Joseph would say about
Mark Farag

Mark started out with a passion for photography as a teenager. He would spend hours in the woods by himself waiting for the perfect shot of a cottontail rabbit or a great blue heron. This developed a discipline in him that still exists today. While shooting a film, he unrelentingly strives to capture the highest quality images and the most unique and fragile moments. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more dedicated to the craft.

Mark has written and directed several short films. He has also been a freelancer for many years, working on both high profile and independent productions.